In our most mellow (BUT NOT BORING!) episode to date, the ladies update each other on what has been going on in their lives lately. We also go through our quarantine favorites, a few recommendations, and just generally have a nice little chat. 

P.S. Stayed tuned through the end of the episode so we can bribe you. Mmkay? Thanks! 

Mom, you’re safe to listen. 

Shout out to the Black Millennial Women Podcast! The Black Millennial Women or B.M.W. Podcast is hosted by four black millennial women who have unfiltered discussions about any and everything. B.M.W. Podcast is a new podcast that covers topics ranging from hilarious drunken nights and sexual encounters to getting candid about their journeys to improve their mental health and the history of violence against Black America. Nika, Tia, Slim, and Ky are family, and have a way of making you feel like you are chopping it up with your friends. They are hilarious, insightful, real, and uncensored. You’ll definitely find yourself singing with them, laughing at them, and rooting for them! Click the link to listen now and be sure to follow them on Instagram and Twitter @bmwpodcast

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Mariah: Do a boudoir photoshoot!

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