Pretty Nice is a weekly podcast where long-distance best friends, Andree and Mariah, talk about random nonsense delivered with a healthy dose of sass and uncontrollable laughter. Andree and Mariah were looking for a reason to talk more often, and what better way to do that than to start a podcast? As lifelong learners, eternally curious people, and lovers of true crime, 90s boy bands, and jalapeƱo poppers, Andree and Mariah never lack for nonsense to gab about! If you're a fan of conversational podcasts that feel like you're hanging out with your best girlfriends, then Pretty Nice is perfect for you! 


Mariah is a 7th generation Montanan with a booming laugh and a propensity towards conversation. Her escapades include entrepreneurial ecosystem building, backpacking with llamas, and family sing-a-longs. Mariah is not afraid to draw a line in the sand about topics like breakfast, pockets, and precipitation. 

Andree is best described as a vibrant bibliophile with a passion for pink, polka dots and her two dogs, Copper and Ben. As a Disney lover, hand-lettering artist and adrenaline junkie, Andree brings spunk and creativity to the lives of everyone she meets. She is married to her first love, Gavin and enjoys the perks of Midwest life.